Building Your Business Is YOUR Goal

Getting Your Client Approved For Life Insurance Is our goal.

The Challenge for Final Expense Leads,Telesales Leads, Final Expense Agents

Do you have clients that have been declined life insurance for various reasons? Are you unable to secure affordable coverage for your clients?  Do you find that your impaired & high risk clients are challenging to manage and get approved?  How much time will you spend trying to apply, follow up during the underwriting process, and secure life insurance for these clients? It’s challenging knowing that your client may face financial disaster and YOU’RE at risk of losing a valuable client.

The Solution

Advisors & Professionals like you partner with to provide life insurance for their challenging clients. With access to over 60 top rated companies, we specialize in securing coverage for high risk and difficult to place cases. You now have a simple solution to your ongoing problem. This partnership allows you to focus on keeping your current clients happy while focusing your time building your client base. Simply call us at 1-800-549-2272 or use our GET STARTED contact form.


The Professionals, Agents & Advisors We Help

StateFarm Agents

Farmers Agents

Captive Agents

Fee Based Financial Planners


SBA Lenders

Health Agents

Medicare Agents

Final Expense Agents

P&C Agents

Investment Advisors

Life Insurance Agents


How Does Your Business Benefit From Our Service?


Clients love it when you go the extra mile for them. Are you doing everything you can to help secure life insurance for your client? Your client is looking for a a solution to their problem.  Your clients will appreciate the added service that you are now


You’ve worked hard to acquire your clients and build your book of business. Are you at risk of losing clients because of a lack of service or options? Your clients will be looking to solve their problem with or without you.  We’ll help you keep them by finding the right company, leaving you to focus on building your business.


Do you want to put in the time? Finding the right company for impaired risk and high risk clients can be time consuming and labor intensive. It takes time researching the right life insurance companies, scheduling medical exams, communicating with medical underwriters, and tracking APS reports. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.


How are you different than your peers and what is your process when you have a complex client? Are you separating yourself from your competitors who are unable to help their clients when they’ve been declined life insurance? We will easily improve your level of service by providing our services as an extension of yours.


Are you a licensed agent? We split our commission for every in force policy.


Top level support. My team consists of a medical underwriter (an MD) & case design specialists, giving us the best opportunity at qualifying cases.

I work with over 60 life insurance companies to give my clients the best chance at getting approved.